I’m Sami Iskandar, a writer whose goal is to show the best way each and every one of us can achieve financial independence. 

I am a business graduate with extensive working experience from various industries whether it was retail, telecommunications, healthcare or even the banks. I had the opportunity to study in Europe, Middle East as well as Canada and spent a great deal amount of time traveling to capture the moments that would lead me to this here and now.

My curiosity and quest for knowledge has always been around personal finance and multiple steams of income. Over the last few years I decided to share my experience with others and show you the great fortune that could awaits us all.

I’m blessed to be living my dream life, and I truly believe you can too. It takes hard work, a little bit of luck and a ton of useful information, like my blogs, so be sure to sign up and follow my updates and together we will understand your finances, take charge and achieve the dream of financial independence.

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