How can I afford a vacay and still save money?

Placeholder ImageWe all have elements of our lifestyle that are important to us, and if saving for vacation is important to you, then so be it.  Don’t feel bad about it, all you have to do is plan for it and realize that there is an element of trade off.

 If you value saving for a vacation, you have to decide what area of your life you are going to reallocate your money from.  I believe in having a spending plan that allows you to allocate money to what is most important to you in your life. You have to be mindful and intentional about what your money goes towards and having a plan and tracking it. This will ensure you have money for what you value most.

Perhaps you can live in a smaller home, dine out less, give up your membership at your overpriced gym, or something trade off from some other aspect of your life (it can even be a series of small trade-offs). There are also a range of different types of vacations from camping nearby to five star hotels at exotic destinations.  You can still achieve that relaxed and exciting away from home feeling no matter where you go, so take that into account when you make your getaway plans.

I can’t tell you what to not spend money on, but you must realize that not every area of your life can be equally important and something has to give.  I do urge you not to cut back on your emergency fund or your long term savings. Trust me, you’ll be grateful at some point down the road that you had foresight to allocate funds to these areas.


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